Our Management Team and Advisory Panel

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and work together to ensure a safer, more secure future.

Great leadership sets the foundation, but our real success hinges on the relentless dedication and professionalism of our front-line security guards. They are the true heroes who ensure the safety and security of our clients. Their success is our ultimate measure of achievement.

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Michael Miller, CEO of Rebel

Michael Miller MS, CPP

Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of Rebel, Mike combines visionary leadership with a commitment to safeguarding our clients' peace of mind.

Monica Fernandez empowers the members of the Rebel team

Monica Fernandez

Administrative and Executive Assistant

Monica is dedicated to nurturing a thriving workplace culture that empowers our team members and drives our organization's success.

Yvette Wylie ensures training and compliance at Rebel

Yvette Wylie

Training and Compliance

Yvette helps our organization excel by advising on training programs and ensuring legal compliance.

Ramone Thompson's Rebel Company ensures optimal efficiency and a seamless workflow

Ramone Thompson


Ramone effectively advises on the daily operations of our company, helping to ensure smooth and efficient workflows.

Eddie Morales heads Rebel Company's Communications and Marketing department

Eddie Morales

Communications and Marketing

Eddie plays a key role in shaping our brand and connecting with our audience, bringing creative strategies across different platforms.

Andrey Zhuravlev, Rebel company Field Operations Director,

Andrey Zhuravlev

Field Operations

Andrey, as a field supervisor, identifies and implements best practices in the field to maintain high operational standards across our client locations.

Andrew Drozd, Reble Security Company Management Consultant

Andrew Drozd

Management Consultant

Andy advises on operational efficiency, strategic planning, and service enhancement to optimize performance and ensure superior security service delivery.

Charlie Cooper

Front-End Dev

Harrison Hudson

WordPress Dev.